About AMPI

The Advanced Machinery and Productivity Institute (the AMP Institute) is an initiative that will drive innovation for the UK’s advanced machinery manufacturers to meet the challenges of developing new technology and entering emerging markets.

Led by an industrial consortium and headquartered in Rochdale, the AMP Institute will be centred around existing capabilities and research excellence across the North of England and reach across the wider UK.


The AMP Institute will be a pivotal UK intervention. It fulfils a presently unaddressed, yet critical aspect, of the UK’s manufacturing innovation infrastructure, complementing rather than competing with existing investments and assets.

What we do

Creating the new machines, technology and people needed to manufacture tomorrow’s products and materials.

The AMP Institute has a clear focus to offer market-oriented services including business and supply chain development, people and skills development alongside product development and technical services.

Prototyping & Innovation

Secure facilities and resources, with access to institutions and a broader production capability


Robot/machine design, Intelligent automation, Design for agile manufacturing, In-process metrology, Sustainability


Active engagement with end users, suppliers, innovation funding bodies and research partners


Measurement, engineering, consultancy

Skills & Training

Further education, Higher education, Apprentices, CPD

Driving innovation for the UK’s Advanced Machinery manufacturers

Our Partners

The AMP Institute is an industry led project, devised by a consortium of regional businesses, collaborating with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the Rochdale Development Agency (RDA), the UK’s Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), Universities and Training Partners.

Rochdale Development Agency
Hopewood Hall College
University of Huddersfield
The University of Manchester
University of Salford
University of Leeds
CR Solutions
Wayland Additive
Holroyd Precision
Loxham Precision

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Enabling Technologies

For the UK to gain a leading positioning in the fourth industrial revolution, a critical component is Advanced Machinery.

Machine tools and industrial robotics are Advanced Machinery in the form of enabling technology; they enable the production of materials and products for every conceivable application.

The AMP Institute is focussed on developing world leading machinery innovation, automation and production capabilities, vital to the future productivity, security, prosperity of the manufacturing sector in the UK economy.

Critical sectors of the UK economy

Focus Areas

Our focus is to stimulate the UK’s advanced machinery sector to achieve £4bn in export sales within 10 years, adding in the region of 30,000 high value manufacturing sector jobs.

Robot/Machine Design

Robot/Machine Design

Specialists in the design and integration of custom robotic & automation systems, to produce a diverse range of components.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Automated systems to sense and synthesize vast amounts of information, automating processes or workflows.

Design for Agile Manufacturing

Design for Agile Manufacturing

Customer focused product design, Information Technology, multiple corporate partners and knowledge culture.

In-process Metrology

In-process Metrology

For exact measurements during production, with experience using the in- and postprocess measuring systems.



To power the UK’s ambition to achieve net zero by 2050 and be the world’s number one centre for green technology.



Be part of the AMP Institute and gain collaborative access to large company resources.

Upcoming Event

This year AMPI and UoM are partnering to organise the 41st MATADOR Conference in Manchester from 15th - 17th September. We are expecting to engage participant from all over the world, similarly to what happened in all previous editions, strongly in the development of innovative solutions to solve industry's problems contributing to a more pleasant and sustainable way of life.

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The AMP Institute is an insustry led initiative. We'd like to hear from UK companies to provide:

Representation. We need to hear what manufacturing challenges need addressing and how companies want to engage.

Technical Assistance. If you have a technical challege that you need help to resolve then we're available to support.

Service Delivery Partner. We welcome UK based firms as we continually build our network of Associate Partners.