The abstract submission portal is now open

If you wish to submit an abstract to be presented on Days 2 or 3 of MATADOR:

Over 50 abstracts have been accepted for presentation so far. There are very few presentation slots still available, and we anticipate they will be taken by early September. Please click here to submit your abstract.

Once your abstract has been accepted, you will be required to register for the conference as soon as possible afterwards in order to reserve your presentation slot. You will be informed of the registration deadline via e-mail.

Abstract template

Abstract submission portal guidelines
Illustrative example of a complete abstract

Click here to submit your abstract

The MATADOR 2021 abstract submission process is managed by our Delivery Partners, Euspen. When clicking the abstract submission link above you will be taken to Euspen’s MATADOR abstract pages.

Full papers (post-conference):
The Conference chairs are currently in discussion with several publishers in order to set up a process for MATADOR authors to submit full papers. This activity will take place shortly after the conference itself, and details will be communicated to participants as soon as they are confirmed.